Monday, January 21, 2008

Just added a link on the right.
Open Jan Cox group on Yahoo.
there you will find notes on tape 2540.
Looks like things are breaking out.......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Waking

This is in response to a post elsewhere
on a small app that allows you to AVOID Windows, hence:

Let me get this straight,
you go to sleep at night
you cache just enough
so that when you feel
the need for awareness
(or coffee, what's the diff?)
the next morning
there is just enough brain power
so that you don't HAVE to ignore
all the extraneous stuff.
been working on that for a while.
I think.
Let me check,
uh oh,
I see a LOT of extraneous stuff
like salesmen at the door.
too late, foot in the door
take a saw and cut it off?
too slow,
how about an Axe?
Here's one / (slash)
slash /, slash! /
In New Orleans
the wise keep an Axe in the Attic.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dropping like flies

People who pack parachutes
People who pack their own parachutes
If you had to choose
Given your head in the noose,
An IQ of 80 or 130
Would handle it loose?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec. 28 2007
There is no out there.
There is no in here.
This subject is certainly alive this week.
If there is no in-here, then introspection is being on the outside, looking at the outside. hmmmmm

Here's another digression;
How subtle is subtle?
That is, how far does it go?
How small does it get?
In the journey down the rabbit hole of anger, judgment, irritation, preference.....
Is it not the most wonderful thing to see how small a thing can be?
Utterly amazing.
That microdot of vinegar in a vat of pure water;
That nuance of instant preference.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dies Natali Invictus

That three day retrograde yields a "returning of the light";
You're being snowed in while hearing of not looking in;
Might you emerge from the snow in three days singing?
With all things true, here and there, out and in'
Bound within a universe reflecting on itself.
Returning, a returning of the light.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unwanted Sexual attention

If you told a room full of people that one of the major forces in the world could be found in the reactions to unwanted sexual attention;
Half the audience would go , " Huh?"
The male half
Having never experienced it.

DH 12/22/07

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Story of the Ants

(from Dialogues of Gurdjieff, Vol. I, p.88), by Jan Cox


(La carte de chose: l'essence des choses)

Once there was a colony of ants. A group that went about the proper business of being ants. Nothing more, and nothing less. They dwelt not in the past, nor dreamed in the future. They engaged themselves not in ideological warfare with neighboring colonies, nor were there any personality conflicts among themselves. There were no discussions or debates regarding their individual duties; everyone had their own position and responsibilities, everyone had their place. All in all, everything was as it should be for a society of ants. Nothing more, and nothing less.

One fine day a band of scouts discovered a picnic table far from the colony's home, and it was covered with such a bountiful array of foods that the colony could scarcely believe the story the returning scouts had to tell. Gossip of the newfound cache spread throughout the colony and excitement reached such a fevered pitch that the leaders began to fear a panic. To help restore the natural calm of the community the leaders announced that they and the wisemen of the colony would go personally to investigate the unbelieveable report. Consequently, things returned to relative normal as the ants awaited the return and report of their wise leaders.

When the leaders and the wisemen reached the picnic table they too were astounded--it was indeed a staggering sight to behold. Not only was there more food than they had ever seen before, but the quality and variety of the edibles transcended all ant knowledge and experience.

After their initial delight in affirming the scouts' story, the wise leaders became concerned at the potential difficulty the colony as a whole would have in being suddenly confronted with the unexpected magnitude and diversity of the almost mystical discovery.They retired to the shade of a nearby tree and pondered the problem.

Then one of the wisemen had what was, for an ant, a most unusual idea. To help prepare the colony for this shocking new experience, and to minimize the possibility of riot and pandemonium, he suggested that they devise a 'map' of the picnic table and present it to the colony before they be allowed to visit the area in person.

After much discussion and after the wise ant had formulated and described exactly what a 'map' would be, it was agreed that this would be the best possible approach under such unexpected circumstances. To stall for needed time, one of the scouts was sent back to the colony to report that the leaders would yet be gone a few more days, and when they returned they would bring most joyful and unexpected news.

That done, the wise ant began the formidable task of constructing, from scratch, his notion of a 'map.' He first had to devise a means of transferring his abstract idea of a map into physical reality. Among his immediate tasks were:

The invention of a written ant language;
The discovery of paper, and
The production of writing utensils.

A most redoubtable undertaking--an almost unbelieveable sight; one lowly ant doing in a few short days that which took men thousands of years to accomplish. But necessity and intent ruled the day, and soon the task was completed.

On a small paper napkin, under the wise ant's direction, they drew and labeled a precise, scaled map of the gigantic picnic table, complete with detailed pictures and invented names for all the mirific morsels. Indeed the map was a work of art. It was beautifully drawn, carefully scaled and laboriously colored. An ant masterpiece, without doubt. (And, I might add, the dawning of a new day for the humble ants.)

Carefully and painstakingly they carried the map back to the colony, and as they drew close a lookout sighted them and rushed back to tell the waiting populace the news of the impending arrival. There was unparalleled excitement in the colony as the ants anxiously awaited their returning leaders and the findings of their expedition.

After the leaders had quieted the populace, they all gathered around the napkin-map and the wise one explained its purpose. He first interpreted for them the written language he had devised. He then defined what the scale of the map represented. He then led small groups around the napkin-map as he attempted to explain its purpose and every detail. After all the ants had taken the tour and heard the wise one's exposition thereon, the leaders were satisfied that they had made the proper decision. But when night fell they became less sure.

As the leaders roamed about the colony they found a reign of excitement; the ants had no idea of sleep that evening. They were gathered in large and small groups engaged in furious discussion, but discussion NOT about the fabulous food discovery--no!

They were all wildly talking about the map!

The leaders gathered together with the wise one to consider this unexpected turn of events, and after staying up all night considering the problem they called the colony together the next morning and attempted a further explanation of the map and what it represented. But the ants showed no interest in the food that the map represented: instead, they were filled with questions about the map itself.

Perplexed, the leaders withdrew once again to deliberate the matter, and after a time the wise one proposed a new plan. He reasoned that if a new, enlarged map were made with greater detailing on a scale that more closely represented the picnic table itself, then the colony would more readily realize its purpose and intent, and would be anxious to address themselves to the practical matter of journeying to the table and availing themselves of its offerings.

So again the leaders secluded themselves and set about the task at hand. They unfolded the original napkin so that they could construct a new map, one that would be four times the size of its predecessor. They worked day and night, and again produced a work of art.

When the new, enlarged map was presented to the colony the ants were more excited than before.

They ran here.

They ran there.

They ran everywhere.

What a sight to behold! Thousands of ants scurrying to and fro, stopping first here, then there. Examining a drawing labeled 'chocolate cake' and dreaming of what manner of exquisite delight this strange thing might be. Then one would stop and contemplate the area marked 'potato salad'--potato salad--what a pleasant ring to the very sound of it. There was much pushing and shoving as they scurried about, and there was great discussion concerning the possible nature of these mysterious 'cakes' and 'salads.' It was a non-stop holiday: running and looking; looking and discussing; discussing and running. (I told you a new day was dawning.)

The leaders were almost beside themselves with bewilderment. The colony was ignoring its everyday duties and responsibilities, and the map, rather than proving to be an aid in their assault on the picnic table, had become an end unto itself.

In one final, desperate attempt, the wise one persuaded the leaders to send back to the picnic table for more napkins, which he pieced together into one gigantic map, rivaling in fact the actual size of the picnic table.

It was the ultimate masterpiece, faithful in size, color and detail to the table and its reputed rewards. At its unveiling the colony was in pandemonium. The ants were so infatuated with this colossal reproduction that it became impossible to get them off the map and on to their normal duties of securing food and building shelter. The ants simply adopted the gigantic napkin-map as their new home.

They lived, slept, made love and died on the map. They developed stories and legends about particular areas and aspects of the map. Myths grew up around certain of the unexperienced substances depicted thereon. Ants, here and there, gained a reputation concerning their knowledge in certain of these areas:

There were the 'Chocolate Cake Experts';
The 'Potato Salad Guides';
'Parsley Gurus,' and the
'High Priests of Chopped Liver.'

Quite soon the whole colony fell into complete disarray.

Being in such close confinement with each other on the limited surface of the map, they grew quarrelsome and discontented. They began to display personal hostility. They began to fight among themselves over non-material interests of 'opinions, beliefs and interpretations' of the map, and killings became frequent.

The final straw was that in ignoring their natural ant responsibilities they found themselves without a normal food supply, and they began to try and eat the unnourishing map and its pictures of food. After this, the inevitable--cannibalism.

A few of the leaders and wise ones found this all a most sorry sight, and with great reluctance decided to abandon the whole affair. Taking nothing with them but their experience, they silently retired to the picnic table, where they ate in peace and reflected on just what'n hell had all happened.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dog training

Searching for ants, I discovered this shaggy dog bit....(amongst the daily news)

One man’s dog behaved entirely unsatisfactorily
until he taught it,
rather than to chase after passing cars,
to watch them emerge from the tunnel instead *

Friday, November 30, 2007

-------------time stamp = now------------------------
Jan directed us to refer to him as Timex for a month or two.
Another name Jan used for a short while was Anachron.
A man 'out' of time, not of time, not limited by time.
( Of course a Timex just keeps on running....... )

My ad hoc comment is this:
If you realize something, really see it, then it takes a certain place in your (brain, being) mind.
If, 5,10, 20 years later, you discover something adjacent to that -- it is as if no time has lapsed between the two. Rip Van Winkle comes to mind.
and as he does,
the image links to, and re-creates, re-freshes other mental images that are current, not yet touched by the aging process because they are hidden from " TIME"

Another term Jan used was " infinitely adjacent "
It's mash up time.....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't you understand
That Understanding doesn't cut it.
Understanding is a plane,
Under which you can stand,
And at I level see the relationships
That both control and are Life.
A Flow. A Fabric.

It is quite another item entirely
To poke a tent pole up the Ass of that fabric
And Interrupt that Flow.

Imagine a King
Walking among his subjects.
No one dares look at him,
They avert their I's
They stop what they are doing.

While you may accept understanding,
While you may like the view,
It is nice to be King

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Derek's Intro to New Intelligence

derek's blog on Jan's New Intelligence

This is an alternate Introduction to New Intelligence.
New Intelligence is the work of Jan Cox, a modern day Mystic.
His work is being archived at .
Except where noted, This is my stuff, my interpretation, I made it up.
The real "Introduction to New Intelligence" was videotaped , and is available on YouTube,
using the links at right, starting with 1a thru 1e.

Consciousness is not yours.
You did not make it.
It does not work for you.
You have extremely little control over your thoughts.
This bothers some people, but they don't know why.
A few people are born with the capacity to actually see that what they think is not really them -- and from time to time it really pisses them off.

The only natural physical relief you can get from your thinking is really good sex or to run to exhaustion. The unnatural escapes are:
booze ( to shut it down),
drugs ( exchanging gears in the machine) and ,
Believe it or not, intense intellectual study,
wherein you attempt to replace these thoughts with the thoughts of others.

Cynicism #1= Recently it has become possible to lose yourself in 24 hour entertainment with Ipods, podcasts, shuffles and real time mobile wi-fi access to Americas Funniest videos ( YouTube), Modern Marvels or JackAss.
Cynicism #2 = Gamers disappear from Life because they can't deal with it.
Mothers try to live their life through their children...
Seekers trying to learn from books.
Not so obvious Cynicism = You trying to be true to yourself.
Like a Hoover trying to be a really proper Hoover.
Really not so obvious - All Criticism, all judgment is a prescription for Sleep, filled instantly.
The really, really not so obvious is this: It matters not how small the criticism is.
It matters not how subtle the nuance.
And THAT becomes the rub,
Because you can't be critical
Of Being critical
In real time.


The VIEW - or - "Look Through Here"

This is my comment on HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. You know, the books that the tri-lateral commission keep hidden from seekers. The knowledge that men seek is everywhere. Comic books, newspapers, tv, literally everywhere. What is needed is a place to view it all from. Lets call this The View. In a football metaphor, it would be like leaving your seat at the 50 yard line to accept an invitation to the luxury suite upstairs, warm and insulated from the ordinary crowd by thick glass; removed, detached. The only requirement is that you not be critical of anything you see, either inside or outside the glass wall.
I will use the dictionary as the example of the 'game' being played. This process is NOT easy, but try to find a viewpoint from which these simple definitions seem perfectly clear, and perfectly funny.

What follows is the first item returned if you type "define:judgment" into Google.
I will state flat out, as sincerely as I can, that these words, from one viewpoint ...
are absolutely hilarious.

Google/princeton defines judgement as:
An opinion formed by judging something;
"he was reluctant to make his judgment known"; "she changed her mind"
The act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event;
"they criticized my judgment of the contestants"
The determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it
The cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
Opinion: the legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision;
"opinions are usually written by a single judge"
The capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions
Sagacity: the mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations

You may or may not have laughed out loud, but laughter is generally the result of Seeing, with a capital 'S', or AHA with a capital 'AHA'. It is the View that men seek, not the knowledge. It is the interaction, the positioning of oneself in relation to what is to be seen that makes all the difference, for in so doing, you create the place from which you see. And THAT is something new in the world.

Now - in relating this to New Intelligence, the taped shows themselves. You will hear laughter, or blurts, from the audience at times when you can't tell why. Somebody just made a connection, a place from which to view Life itself in a new and amusing way. They gained something of value -- and if you put the question to them right then and there -- they probably could not tell you about it. It really doesn't fit in the universe of words. If it did, Jan or the thousands of mystics before him, would have just told us. The view is right there in front of you, but there is this fat tall guy standing in your way.............
And THAT, my readers, is what I have to say about hidden knowledge.
put a Question to a Fence ( my temporary version)
Ask a Fence why it has so many sticks in the mud, and the Fence, as it searches for a response, as it jumps from post to post, synapse to synapse, it returns to ask ------- What fence?
An introduction to Systems, Maps and why they must remain ephemeral.
Story of the Ants